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Divide Mine Project

The Divide Mine gold prospect is a Carlin-type target located in the Tuscarora Mountains of north-central Nevada, approximately 2 kilometers ESE from Crestview’s Rock Creek property. The Divide property consists of 19 unpatented lode mining claims around the historic Divide Mine.

The Rock Creek, Divide Mine, and Castile Mountain properties are all in the Tuscarora Mountains, which host the northern end of Carlin-trend mineralization. Northern Nevada more broadly represents one of the largest gold regions in the world, and hosts many “world class” gold mines including Gold Quarry, Goldstrike, and Betze-Post. The nearby town of Elko is the hub for many gold mines and exploration ventures, and can accommodate logistical needs.

To date, thirty surface samples (chip, grab, and dump) have been collected

  • Ten samples yielded values over 0.1 g/t Au with four of those samples containing more than 1 g/t Au (7.67 g/t; 5.04 g/t; 3.29 g/t; and 2.14 g/t Au)
  • Additionally, eleven of the thirty samples yielded silver values greater than 25 g/t with six of those samples containing more than 100 g/t (970 g/t; 409 g/t; 312 g/t; 287 g/t; 196 g/t; and 187 g/t Ag)

The Divide Mine sits on the eastern flank of a prominent upthrown block exposing sedimentary rocks surrounded by 40-million-year-old volcanic rocks.  The sedimentary rocks exposed here are known to closely overlie favourable sedimentary gold mineralization host rocks in the region. Further, the age of the volcanic rocks is coincident with the age of gold and silver mineralization in the region. There is also evidence of intrusions on the property.  Fault structures on the east edge of the host block provide conduits for multiple episodes of dikes as well as plumbing for the gold bearing mineral system.